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Wildlife Conservation Trust

Initiatives for the betterment of human and forest health

About The Project

A collaboration of the KCT Group with the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) to build infrastructure that helps manage Forest health and Human-Wildlife interface.

We at the KCT Group are deeply committed to protecting environmental equilibrium, and a very important part of that is wildlife conservation. We partnered with the WCT, one of India’s most effective conservation agencies to develop multiple projects that help manage the conflict between humans and wildlife in villages within the forest ranges and are focused on enabling better forest and human health.


Our first initiative was the ‘Wildlife Conflict Mitigation’ program -

The villages we worked with saw two-fold conflicts, one with herbivores (such as deer, wild pigs, etc) that create crop raids during the night, and the other with carnivores, that pose a threat to human life.

Water Heater

Our second initative is the  ‘BUMBB’ Water Heater Heater’ Project 

 The Bumbb is an innovative, sustainable, 30 litre water heating unit designed for individual households in rural settings. It consumes one-third of the fuelwood consumed by the traditional wood-based stoves (chulha). When implemented at scale, it works on biomass fuel such as crop residue, dung cakes, dried leaves, paper, etc. thus potentially eliminating the need for firewood. It can easily provide hot water for 4-5 individuals in 20 to 30 minutes.


Through large scale surveys and a rapid ethnography we developed an understanding of the firewood consumption in rural Maharashtra. Even with the use of LPG amongst the higher economic strata families, up to 97% of households depend on firewood for heating water due to the lack of a viable alternative.


500 Tonnes

CO2 Emissions Slashed






850 +

Households Registered

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