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People Driven Progress

We believe that sustainable development  comes from empowering and supporting India's greatest resource, its people.

People First

The KCT Group is one of India’s oldest conglomerates with diversified business interests. By adopting and adapting new business solutions, the Group has stayed relevant and an industry leader. The Group has also proactively worked on
being responsible corporate citizens and responsive to the
needs of larger stakeholder communities, as well as the environment it operates in.

The current CSR initiatives are led by an internal CSR team that champions a range
of efforts in the space of rural development, girl child education, environment and conservation, and sports.

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Progress and Profit for All

The KCT Group CSR initiatives have been designed to empower communities. We work with local stakeholders to identify the needs of a community based on these we build sustainable, ethical, and holistic programs, focused on helping the beneficiaries become economically self-reliant. 

For over 75 years, well before CSR was mandated by the government, the KCT Group
has been committed to community progress. 

Our CSR efforts started with Community Development Centers for Learning Livelihood
and Research (CDC LLR) in Nellore with an aim to provide subsidized testing for farmers using state-of-the-art technologies and world standard reports. Since 2016 we’ve worked with over 5000 stakeholders across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, and more. 

Through the years we have added a number of CSR initiatives in the five focus areas
we have identified- Rural Development, Education, Environment & Conservation, Sports, Arts & Culture. 

Drive scalable, sustainable change by creating more equitable and progressive communities that are self-reliant. 

We recognise that India is an incredibly heterogeneous country and the needs across different communities may need very different solutions. Our vision is to create solutions that an adaptable and scalable in a what that they can form independent, hyperlocal models and drive maximum impact. 


Through our community-led projects, we continually invest in sustainable and nationally scalable program to build:


Skill development based on community needs

Environmental protection by investment in technology, sensitization and awareness programs

Infrastructure, education and testing facilities to promote aquaculture and help farmers increase their yield

Education for women to bring them into the workforce and enable economic independence

Sports scouting and training for athletes from rural and underprivileged backgrounds


4000 +

20 +


1000 +

850 +




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Our mission is to leverage all the resources at our disposal to implement and monitor solutions to address the challenges
faced by local communities.
We specifically focus on
developing need based
programmes that are backed by
research, continually monitored and evaluated for efficacy.
Some of our key programs include:

Chaiman's Message


For meaningful development to take place, we need strong, sustainable communities.

Our goal is to help build a modern and prosperous society and to achieve this, we work towards generating job opportunities, aiding individuals with financial constraints, and designing programs aimed at education and up-skilling.

This enables us to exceed stakeholder expectations while making a real, tangible, and positive impact on people’s lives. Creating opportunities for people to make a difference is, eventually, what makes the difference.

KCT Group

Founded in 1929, as a coal mining company, today the KCT Group is one of India’s leading business conglomerates with interests in aquaculture, logistics, and real estate. We pride ourselves on this process of diversification. Our rich legacy, our innate understanding of the markets we operate in, and our ability to evolve to meet the changing needs of the increasingly globalized economy of India.


As we look to the future and continue on this path of evolution our focus will be to deepen our core competence and build scale in our business lines; to increase customer orientation and thereby improve our value proposition to our customer base, and to be responsible corporate citizens and respond to the needs of the larger stakeholder community and the environment we operate in.

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